Residents of Rosenthal

We’re so glad you chose to call Rosenthal home. Here is some information to help you settle in and meet your neighbours.

Design and Landscape Guides

Getting Your Deposit Back

Each lot in Rosenthal has a security deposit attached to it in order to maintain landscape and architecture standards in the community. To get your security deposit back:

1. Obtain your final grade certificate from the City of Edmonton.
2. Send it to your builder.
3. Your builder will send it to our consultant to ensure that landscape and architectural requirements have been met.
4. Melcor will release the security deposit back to the builder and they will return it to you.

Homeowners Association

The Rosenthal homeowners association (HOA) is now up an running and invoices were sent to all residents. HOA dues were $100 for 2019.

An HOA enables Melcor to build a more beautiful community than is possible under City of Edmonton standards.

Each home, including multi-family units, pays an annual fee, which is anticipated to be $100-200 per year. These fees are determined by the HOA board of directors who are members of the Rosenthal community.

Fees go towards maintenance of some of the extras in the community, including shared spaces like walking trails, water features, playgrounds and park areas. They also ensure the continued beautification of your community for years to come.

Visit the HOA website to pay online and for community news for residents.

Rosenthal HOA Website

Find Your Neighbours on Facebook

Find and connect with your neighbours on Facebook at the unofficial Rosenthal Facebook page (note: this page is created and operated by Residents at Rosenthal, Melcor does not run this page).